V of Wands

Five I’s –
I mean five me’s –

The senses symbolise
those I’s
but there is more to me – the me’s –
than eyes and ears and finger-tips.

One I says Yes,
another No,
another says Stay
another Go,
You love her, stay with her, cries the other,
another cries No, no, no!

Five me’s
fighting, fighting, fighting.

The King and Queen of Wands

The Lion King,
humane and wise.
Old Soul;
Sun King in the Land of Faerie.

His only failing?
Being oblivious
to petty jealousies,
smiling lies
and infidelities.

Arthur’s bane.

If the King is Arthur,
this is Guinevere, Sun Queen,
femme fatale.

She walks by and flowers open,
sunflowers follow her
with their great black and yellow eye.

Once seen
never forgotten:
yours until you die.

That red hair.
That black familiar.