V of Cups

All is not lost.
Two cups still stand.
Maybe – like the Two of Cups –
they are the two of you,
and all the others foolishness
like last night’s drinks,
like when you find yourself the following morning
in bed beside an unknown face, unknown hair.

All is not lost.
For the two of you,
hand in hand,
or for you alone if need be,
there remains the bridge that leads
across the river to another chance
somewhere, in some other land.

Knight of Cups

Add Water to Fire, the Fire goes out.
Add Fire to Water, the Water boils away.
Nothing is left.

Fire has bright eyes, high ideals, dreams.
Bur Fire cannot stay.

Each new lovely woman, each new ideal,
new dream, comes swirling out of the future and …
is gone. Like Water.

Water never looks back.
But nor does Fire.

Page of Cups

What are you telling me, little fish,
that someone gave as a present to me?
Throw me back and I’ll be with you
whenever you sail upon the sea.

Foolish promises, little fish.
Nobody stands with his back to the sea
save those who drowned in a former life,
those who fear and abhor the sea.

Would you really do this thing for me?
Would you, could you, little fish?
Throw me back and my sisters three
will come to you wherever you be,
when your ship falls apart and the sailors drown,
and carry you safe through the raging sea.