XV – The Devil

Are these two slaves The Lovers?
Did they believe the lies,
and eat of the Tree of Knowledge
and grow out of Paradise?

Are these two slaves the know-it-alls
who lay beneath the Tree
and laughed at the Fool who knew nothing?
The Fool who knows nothing is free.

Better a Fool who knows nothing
and is happy with what he has got,
than be chained like a slave to the things of this world
and think you know the lot.

VI – The Lovers

Two young people
each to each unknown, but wishing.

Can they reach each other?
They are so different. And can they
survive the reaching?

Raphael, knowing he cannot hold them back,
raises his wings to protect,
his hands in blessing …

Two young people
meet and touch and fall in love
and now go out to face the world alone.

ROSALÍA DE CASTRO: I Don’t Know What It Is …

(translated from the Spanish of Rosalía de Castro)

I don’t know what it is I seek incessantly
upon the earth and in the air and in the sky;
I don’t know what I seek; but it is something that
I lost, I don’t know when, and cannot find
even when I dream that it pervades,
invisibly, everything I touch and see.
Happiness, I shall never find, not again,
upon the earth or in the air or in the sky,
even when I know that you exist,
that you are not some empty dream!

I too seek and have always sought something I knew once, though I don’t know when or where: a feeling of belonging. I have never really felt I belonged in this body in this world at this time in history.

Even an Anarchist Must Eat (Even a Poet!) (JESUS BHAKTI POEMS (vi))

You think I understand?
What if I understand
when it is not what is in my head that counts
but what is in my hand?

You think I don’t want that house?
You think I don’t fancy that yacht?
I know what the fuss is about.
I need more, not less, than I’ve got.

You say I know, in my heart?
What if I know in my heart?
It is not what is in my heart that counts
but what is in my hand.

Ask me:
Do I want the one pearl within,
O Lord of the Night,
or the many without?