Strangers in a Strange Land

She’s a little devil
always was
even as a child
and now with all this Goth nonsense
dropped out of school
started sleeping around
taking drugs
stealing money from my purse
like a thief
wild as a wulcat
we love her
course we do
but it was such a relief
when she took off like that . . .

He’s an angel
would do anything for anyone
and clever too
but all this Goth nonsense
gives all his money away
all his things
all our money
all our things
all he ever gives us now
is grief
we love him
course we do
who wouldn’t
he’s an angel as I say
our boy, our lovely boy
sent to us from heaven
but our world
was not his world
and we all sighed with relief
when he took off that day . . .