V of Wands

Five I’s –
I mean five me’s –

The senses symbolise
those I’s
but there is more to me – the me’s –
than eyes and ears and finger-tips.

One I says Yes,
another No,
another says Stay
another Go,
You love her, stay with her, cries the other,
another cries No, no, no!

Five me’s
fighting, fighting, fighting.

V of Cups

All is not lost.
Two cups still stand.
Maybe – like the Two of Cups –
they are the two of you,
and all the others foolishness
like last night’s drinks,
like when you find yourself the following morning
in bed beside an unknown face, unknown hair.

All is not lost.
For the two of you,
hand in hand,
or for you alone if need be,
there remains the bridge that leads
across the river to another chance
somewhere, in some other land.

XIX – The Sun

When the dot popped, we are told,
that marked the beginning of Time.

I can’t say I hold with
beginnings of Time,
but one thing seems clear:
if the dot hadn’t popped
or had popped and then stopped,
or if things had unrolled
just that tiny bit faster – or slower –
we wouldn’t be here;

and that now
if our blessings didn’t outnumber
our trouble and pain,
there’d be no one and nothing
here on this earth
but heaving slime and barren dunes
and sticky, burning rain.

X of Pentacles

An old man
sitting in the shade by the Great Gate
reflecting on the Tree of Life.

His wife is dead. These dogs?
He hardly knows them. Though he knew
their great-great- (great-great-?) grandsire,
remembers him even as a pup.

And those two standing there?
That’s not his daughter. (His daughter, too,
is dead.) That’s his granddaughter.
And his great grandson.

The Tree of Life. The ten
Sefiroth. What goes up
must come down, they say.

And so it must. But more importantly,
what comes down must one day go
back up. One day soon.

VII of Swords

Stealing out with a stolen horde
of weapons or money, or simply word
of what they plan –
the thrill of the world of kill or be killed,
the thrill of the world of the sword.

Stealing away with but one regret,
that you couldn’t bring with you the girl you met,
the femme fatale with the laughing eye
and a golden gun on a slender thigh.

The thrill of the world of do or die,
the thrill of the James Bond world.