The Smile

I saw an eagle sail across the city,
I saw a whale surface out at sea,
I saw a scorpion run across a sand dune,
Saw Aisha turn and smile at me.

The eagle sailed on and out of sight,
The whale sank back down into the sea,
The scorpion disappeared among the sand dunes,
Aisha smiled and turned away from me.

Fancy Dress Party

Fancy-dress party    I went in blinkers
Not sure what they were like    Put on from behind
I suppose    I could only see the ceiling
And if I crouched on the floor    the bottom
of people’s chins    up their nostrils
Unless they glanced down at me    They sometimes did
and smiled    Some laughed    Then something strange
something was happening    down below
I was being drained    Where’s Aisha? I called
Where’s Aisha?    What’s she doing?
(Aisha’s a witch)    Tim looked down
into my eyes    He’s very tall    Selling
drugs I expect he murmured    and laughed
You better keep your hands up    that’s it
then you won’t get hurt    Right up
Is it Aisha?    Is it?    Don’t know
Don’t think so    it’s someone in white with a hood
(Do witches wear white?    They might here)
Something draining me    something in
my mouth now    mud    bits and lumps
Aisha I gasp    I got something in my mouth
something horrible    Just swallow it
you can’t spit here    especially now I
hear her giggle    And keep your hands up
as you were told    it doesn’t hurt    Aisha
Aisha! I gurgle    there’sh more i’ my mou’ now
Aisha!!    There’shtring coming up
All right you baby come with me    Her hand
on the small of my back    I choke
and it all comes pouring out