About …

Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land.” (Carl Sagan)

I am a poet (and most definitely a sea animal living on land). Poetry is what I am best at, what I mostly do. Apart from those specifically attributed to another poet, the poems on this website are my own original work; the translations, too, from the French, Spanish and Greek, are my own.

Poems by other poets which I reproduce here are ones that hold a special significance for me personally, and in some cases at least I will draw attention to that significance.

What can a tired heart say
which the wise of the world have made dumb
save to the lonely dreams of a child,
Return again, come!
(Walter de la Mare)

I am, as I say, primarily a poet, not a novelist, but I have written a series of historical novels (available for download free – more HERE), as well as a few short stories which will appear from time to time on this blog (HERE), along with the occasional book or film review (HERE).

Over the years I have of course performed other roles than that of writer, some respectable, others less so (even a poet must eat); memories of those times will of course inevitably crop up here occasionally.