Prose and Posies, and Poet Moses

(I was challenged to write a nonsense poem)

Posies of roses
betwixt Moses’ toeses …
Posies of daisies
in Maisie’s left ear …

At the thought of the thorns
lodged betwixt Moses’ toeses
Maisie’s left eye
shed a solitary tear

which ran down her cheek
and clung to a petal
on one of the daisies
as if it were dew,

while to Maisie’s amazement
Moses appended
another commandment
to those that she knew:

Thou shalt not place posies
of roses twixt toeses
nor yet attach daisies
to Maisie’s left ear, for –

but just then the tear dropped
to Maisie’s left nipple
and Moses diverted said
Listen, my dear:

That tear on the tip
of your tit titillates me
as do the thorns
sticking into my toeses,

I haven’t felt like it
since fashion dictated
a ring in the end of
young ladies’ noses.

Ms Maisie removed all
the flowers from her earhole,
flicked the tear from her tit
with a nonchalent air and

said: Moses proposes;
the lady disposes.
I’m late for a date with
a prose millionaire.

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