Mermaid Out Of Water 4

Throw the poor thing back in!
She;s real! Look!
Look at that tail!

Fuck, yes!
Just think what we can get for her,
what she must be worth

But she’s dying! Look at her eyes.
And already the gleam
is fading from her scales!

Those eyes are not the eyes of a human!
They are the eyes – and the scales! –
of a fucking fish!

Throw her back in.
If she dies
you’ll get nothing.

Fish die. I’ll sell her frozen.
Find the right scientists

and auction her like the fucking fish she is.

Who do I identify with? Not the one who wants to keep her, sell her, that’s for sure. The other one, who wants to throw her back in, quick, before she dies? Yes, of course. But I identify more closely with the mermaid herself, helpless in the hands of a bully and his spineless sidekick.


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