Animan Inc (Revisited)

[You can find the original poem Animan Inc on this site HERE]

No one ever volunteered to be
a mangrel – who’d want to be a dog,
however human? Or be a mankey?
Anyway, mankeys are small,
they’re pets, they start as children.
And feeders and bleeders are convicts,
it’s a sentence: life as a feeder, or bleeder –
or as a manimal if you seem suitable
for mindless manual work.

But when they ask for mermen, mermaids,
queues form down the street, and in the park
crowds ebb and flow and surge
like a shoal of fish dreaming of the cool, green,
silent seas, of nakedness, of weightlessness,
of peace and quiet and beauty, fish out of water
dreaming of the world for which they were created.


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