(from) Better Than Sleep: Claudia

Claudia (a transexual dancer I met in a night-club in Casablanca)

It is only in loneliness
that we write, write –
sheep bleating,
fleeing the unknown hole
blank page, open soul
dark at the edge of the stage

There is nothing you can do
for you, for me
I heard one punter say to her
but time in the slight red light of the bar till –

Welcome, I thought
One day we shall be
mermaids, mermen –

The smilers of the right
their world a cage with bars of blinding light
peer nervously into the gloom
exchanging pleasantries

O Child of the Night
dancer, laugher

Prayer is not in the swimming pool
prayer is having no hold
is the fool plunging down fighting and drowning

Is better than sleep

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