Animan Inc.

“Man is so unspecialised
that he quite easily adapts
to niches ecological
that he has emptied or created:
sometimes minor surgical
adjustments are necessitated,
sometimes not … ”
                 (From Sweeney Jim)

Mermen, Mermaids:
Seamales working under water
flippered feet, webbed fingers, gills,
seagirls sequined from the hips down
dancing in tanks in the walls of nightclubs
or private homes.

panther black, tiger stripe,
cute pink-and-blue –
designed to please, of course,
but they can scratch.

on all fours – four paws, that is,
no thumbs or great toes
tails an option,
either docile household pets
(good with children, will pull prams)
or vicious (easily controlled)
for use as guards or as a butt
for the frustrated.

(known of course vulgarly as Wankies)
baby legs, long simian arms
developed in childhood to amuse
in circuses and zoos
and too as pets.

Feeders and bleeders:
Feeders passive, bovine, hooved,
enormous hormoned udders milked
thrice a day
(much better for babies);
males bled to keep the blood-banks full.

used for manual work
and kept in sheds.

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